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A cultural platform that gives visibility to Puerto Rican creators connecting them with the Boricua diaspora in the Continental United States.

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Connect with a broad network of Boricuas and other like-minded cultural agents by engaging in cross promotion to build audiences and clientele.

BoriCorridor is sustained by a research team which is constantly developing new links with nation-wide Puerto Rican community leaders to maintain and continually expand an up-to-date map.

BoriCorridor provides Cultural Agents the opportunity to enhance their online presence as an arts and culture entity, by increasing your SEO efforts and driving traffic to your website and social media platforms.

Facilitating the communication between Puerto Rican artists in Puerto Rico and the Diaspora with Cultural Agents for easy booking, rentals and the opportunity to present their artistic discipline nationally.

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As we work to expand a network of cultural events, we look forward to the BoriCorridor Tour 2024 to show how it works. A selected group of Puerto Rican artists will take part in a weekend-long tour in Boston, Hartford and New York City.

Our Vision

BoriCorridor is an artistic platform for collaboration, promotion, and audience development that gives visibility to Puerto Rican talents and connects them with the public in the Diaspora and other communities in the continental United States.

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